Sowing and growing

There was a farmer who went out to his fields to sow some seed. As he scattered his seed it landed on different types of ground. Some landed on the path and was quickly eaten by birds. Some seed landed on the rocky ground and started growing but couldn’t put down deep roots so didn’t grow. Some seed landed on ground with weeds and started growing but then was overpowered by the weeds and died. Some seed landed on the good ground, put down strong roots and could grow.

In the parable Jesus told, the seed represented God’s Word being preached. Each of the types of ground the seed landed on is like our hearts. Some people who hear God’s Word are like the path, they hear but it doesn’t take root. Some people are like the rocky ground, the seed starts growing but can’t put down deep roots so soon is forgotten. Some people are like the rockey ground and the Word of God starts to grow but other things come into the persons life and they forget what they heard. Some people’s hearts are like the good ground. God’s Word is heard, takes root and grows in their hearts.

Draw a picture