BBB stands for Belvidere Bible Bunch and is a club for children of primary school age (5 -11).

BBB occurs every Friday evening during term time at the Belvedere Academy and runs from 6:15pm – 7:30pm.

Each week we have singing, a Bible story, a quiz or craft and games.

BBB Weekly Colouring

16th April 2021 – Don’t be greedy

26th March 2021 – Meeting Jesus

19th March 2021 – Sadness and surprise

12th March 2021 – Tears of sadness

5th March 2021 – A false kiss

26th February 2021 – Running Away From God part 2

12th February 2021 – Running Away From God

5th February 2021 – The Man Up A Tree

29th January 2021 – The Rich Young Ruler

22nd January 2021 – The Samaritan Woman

15th January 2021 – The Man Who Came At Night

8th January 2021 – The Woman Who Cried

11th December 2020 – Paul in prison

4th December 2020 – Paul has a vision

27th November 2020 – God uses Paul to heal a man

20th November 2020 – Paul and Barnabas visit Cyprus

13th November 2020 – Saul speaks about Jesus

6th November 2020 – Saul on the road to Damascus

23rd October 2020 – A man healed at the pool of Bethesda

16th October 2020 – Jesus heals a centurion’s servant

9th October 2020 – The lady who was bent over

2nd October 2020 – The man who couldn’t hear

25th September 2020 – Jesus heals a lady’s daughter

18th September 2020 – Jesus heals 10 men with Leprosy

11th September 2020 – Jesus heals blind Bartimaeus

17th July 2020 – Thomas doubts Jesus rising from the dead

10th July 2020 – Jesus death on the cross

3rd July 2020 – Jesus condemned to death

26th June 2020 – The Last Supper

Recent Sermons


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