Two houses

Jesus has been talking to a lot of people telling them how to please God, the things God provides, not to worry and telling them things that displease God. There are two types of people listening to Jesus. The first type will listen to what Jesus says, but then just go home and not change. The second type of people would hear what Jesus said and then do what Jesus said.

Jesus tells a story to try and help people understand. There were two builders in Jesus’ story who were both going to build a house.

The first builder built his house on rock. It was hard to build his house because he had no diggers or machines so he had to dig into the rock himself to make the foundations.

The second man built the house on sand. It was quick and easy to flatten the ground for the man to build his house on.

Jesus called one of the builders a wise builder, the other he called foolish. The wise builder was the man who built his house on rock because the rock was sure and wouldn’t move even in a big storm. The foolish builder built his house on the sand. When the sand moved and the wind and rain came the house would collapse.

Jesus told the people they were to build their lives on something sure and certain, that wouldn’t move. Those who hear what Jesus said and do what he’s told us are wise because they are building their lives on.

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