James finished small

I came to Liverpool in September of 2013 as a postgraduate student studying History at the university.  Being an international student, I was a bit worried about finding a church that I could really get involved in and about meeting people I could establish close relationships with because I would only be in England for a year. Thankfully, I was quickly able to do both at Belvidere.


I found Belvidere through a quick Google search and decided to try it out on my second Sunday in Liverpool.  Everyone there was so loving and excited to meet me on my first visit; I was even invited back to a family’s house that day to celebrate their baby’s first birthday.  Every family is incredibly hospitable, and I was able to spend most Sunday afternoons at someone’s house fellowshipping around a nice home-cooked meal.  Sometimes it can take a while for someone to feel like they “belong” at a church, but for me I immediately felt that I belonged at Belvidere.


Throughout my year at Belvidere, I was able to get involved by spending time with the children, enjoying Sunday afternoon meals with the families, sharing my testimony and even helping out in leading services.  I was often challenged and encouraged by the church’s clear focus on the gospel in each of the sermons. It was evident not only through their preaching, but also through their lives that the church has a heart for God, the Word of God and the souls of men.


Being a part of Belvidere was truly one of the highlights of my stay in Liverpool. The people there are so loving and genuine, and became such a support to me throughout the year.  They were my family. The amount of Christ-like love that I was shown there was something I’ll never forget.