The lost son

Jesus told another parable. There was a man who had two sons. One day the younger son asked his father for his share of the inheritance. His father gave it to him and the son left with the money. He travelled to a city and wasted all his money until he’d spent it all. Once he had no money left he went and got a job feeding pigs.

He had no money, no friends, no food and he thought about his home and his dad that he’d left behind. He planned to return home and ask his dad if he could be one of his servants.

As he was returning home his dad saw him coming and ran out to meet him, hugged and kissed him and welcomed him home. His dad was so happy he threw a party to celebrate his son returning.

When the eldest son heard his brother had returned he was angry and jealous that the his dad had welcomed him back. He thought his younger brother should have been a slave because he’d left the family and wasted all the money his dad had given him. His father said to his eldest son “You’ve always been with me adnall I have is yours. It was like your younger brother was dead, but now is alive, was lost but now has been found.”

We are just like that younger son. We’ve all left God and gone our own way and lived a life that pleases ourselves. But God is ready to welcome us back into his family and forgive us for all we’ve done wrong against Him.

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