The Woman Who Cried

Jesus went to the house of a Pharisee called Simon for a meal. A lady turned up to the house and fell at Jesus feet crying. She broke a jar of expensive perfume on His feet and cleaned them with her hair.

Some of the people who saw this lady thought, doesn’t Jesus know this woman is a sinner. Jesus told them all a story.

There were two men who owed another man some money. One man owed 50 coins, the other man owed 500 coins. The man who was owed the money decided to forgive both men of their debt so they didn’t owe any money anymore.

Jesus asked Simon, which of the men who had their debts forgiven would love the man more? Simon answered, the man who owed him more money. Jesus said, that’s right.

Jesus told them this lady has come in, washed my feet with her tears and anointed them with this expensive oil. Therefore her sins have been forgiven for she loved her. Jesus said to her “Your faith has saved you. God in peace.”

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