A false kiss

Jesus knew He was going to be arrested, face a trial and be crucified. He told His disciples that tonight they would all run away and leave Him but after He had risen again they would see Him in Galilee.

Peter responded and said he would never leave Jesus no matter what happened. Jesus said to Peter before the rooster crows tomorrow morning you will deny you even knew me 3 times.

Jesus wanted to pray to God about what was going to happen so took Peter, James and John to the garden of Gethsemane. He left them to watch and pray while He went to pray to God.

When Jesus returned He found the disciples asleep. Three times Jesus went to pray and came back to the disciples asleep. After the third time a large crowd of men with swords and clubs came through garden led by Judas.

Judas greeted Jesus with a kiss so that the crowd knew which man to arrest and take away. One of the disciples drew a sword and cut off a servants ear. Jesus told His disciple that this was all Gods plan and He healed the servants ear.

Jesus was taken away by the crowd and all His disciples ran away.

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