Running away from God Part 2

Once Jonah had been spat out the fish God told him again to go to Nineveh and tell the people to repent and follow Him. Jonah agreed to go this time.

He told the people in Nineveh God’s message, the people listened and repented, turned to God and asked Him for forgiveness. To show how sorry they were they put on sack cloth. God forgave the people of Nineveh and didn’t destroy them.

Jonah was angry that God had forgiven Nineveh. He was sat on a hill waiting to see the destruction of Nineveh, but it never came. God caused a plant to grow up and shade Jonah because it was so hot.

The next morning the plant had been eaten by a worm and had withered away. Jonah was even more angry that this had happened. God spoke to Jonah and told him that he cared more for the plant than he did for the people of Nineveh.

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