Paul and Barnabas visit Cyprus

Paul and Barnabas got on a boat and sailed to Cyprus and went to a town called Salamis. They began to preach to people about Jesus and how he came to save people from their sins.

They made their way through Cyprus to a town called Paphos and met Sergius and Elymas. Sergius wanted to hear the message that Paul and Barnabas were preaching to people. But Elymas didn’t like Paul or Barnabas or the message they were preaching.

Paul pointed to Elymas and said “You are full of deceit and like a son of the devil.” Paul was telling Elymas that he was evil and wicked. Paul told Elymas “The hand of the Lord is upon you and you shall be blind”. Elymas lost his sight just like Paul had on the road to Damascas a few weeks ago.

Sergius was astonished at what he had seen and he believed Paul and Barnabas’ message about Jesus.

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