Saul on the road to Damascus

As Saul was heading to Damascus he saw a light so bright he had to cover his eyes and he fell to the ground. He heard God’s voice ask Him why are you persecuting me? The Lord said to Saul go to Damascus and you will be told what to do.

When Saul opened his eyes, he couldn’t see anything. Saul knew who had spoken to him and now believed in God. Because Saul was blind he had to be led to a house in Damascus on straight street and he didn’t eat or drink anything for three days. He felt so sorry for all the bad things he’d done against Christians.

God spoke to a man called Ananias and told him to go and see Saul. Anaias was scared because he had heard about what Saul had done to Christians, but God told him that He had changed Saul.

Ananias entered the house where Saul was and laid his hands on him. As soon as Ananias did that, Saul was able to see again and he went and was baptized.


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